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TriMech Panel: Emerging Trends in 3D Engineering

TriMech Panel: Emerging Trends in 3D Engineering

With the world’s manufacturers focused on digital threads and Industry 4.0, the way engineers utilize their hardware and software tools is rapidly changing. This is being seen with Additive Manufacturing, 3D Scanning, and CAD/Process control software. The driving change is centered around these technologies maturing and moving from prototyping and design validation, to the mass production of parts.

About This On-Demand Webinar

TriMech’s key Manufacturing Solutions Consultants, Rich Annino, Conner Janeteas and Ricky Shannon, approach the subject on how we envision the role of 3D printing, part design, and 3D scanning tools in the near future.

In this webinar, Rich, Conner and Ricky covers:

  • 3D printing’s move from prototyping to the manufacturing
  • The increasing role of additive manufacturing service bureaus in engineering
  • How 3D scanning adoption is driving quality assurance and engineering for smaller manufacturers
  • Industry 4.0’s role in driving Additive Manufacturing software development
  • How FEA based design and validation will further improve 3D printed production parts