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Top 3 New Features of SOLIDWORKS 2019

Top 3 New Features of SOLIDWORKS 2019

Every year SOLIDWORKS releases new upgrades and features, and every year we get lost in our own world trying them out. After experiencing all the changes we were able to narrow it down to our top three favorites and present them in this webinar. 

About This On-Demand Webinar

In this webinar, Application Engineer, Michael Souders, discusses three of the top new features in the SOLIDWORKS 2019 update. He touches on the software performance, reviews large assemblies and access to the measure tool. He compares this year’s upgrade to the 2018 upgrade as well as shows you ways SOLIDWORKS has improved productivity for their community. 

In this webinar, Michael teaches you:

  • The value of the Subscription Service
  • About the graphical performance improvements 
  • How yo make quick edits to large decisions 
  • About the ease of the Live Measure Tool
  • How TriMech Support Engineers can help you find all the new tools and more

Unsure if the update is right for you and your company? Read our blog, SOLIDWORKS 2016 vs. 2019: Time For an Upgrade?