Top 3 New Features for SOLIDWORKS 2021

Top 3 New Features for SOLIDWORKS 2021

This year’s SOLIDWORKS update includes new tools and features that can be used by most SOLIDWORKS users. Let’s discover the improvements across all aspects of CAD modeling.

About This Webinar

In this webinar, TriMech Application Engineer, David Cano-Meija, covers his top 3 new features from the latest SOLIDWORKS release. David walks you through the changes to the capabilities of custom properties. He shows you how the updates are extended to include equations, how lightweight assemblies become easier to work with, and how Detailing Mode supports the creation of more views. David also highlights TriMech’s live technical support services and the benefits of SOLIDWORKS Subscription Services.

In this webinar, David covers:

  • Equations in Custom Properties 
  • Lightweight Assemblies 
  • Detailing Mode 
  • Benefits of SOLIDWORKS Subscription Services 
  • TriMech Technical Support