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The Case Against Intelligent Part Numbers

The Case Against Intelligent Part Numbers

With databases becoming more affordable and available, the future of intelligent part numbers is looking a little shaky. Find out more in our on-demand webinar!

About This On-Demand Webinar

Watch our webinar as TriMech Application Engineer, Keith Thompson, dives into the relevance of intelligent part numbers. Originally, part numbers were created to identify and catalog different items and then they were taken a step further, and intelligent numbers were added, used to capture and display descriptive characteristics. With databases becoming more readily available, the usage of intelligent numbers is called into question. Keith looks at the difference between simple “dumb” part numbers and intelligent part numbers, the advantages and disadvantages of both, how storage databases impact the necessity and how SOLIDWORKS PDM can create and use part numbers. 

In this webinar, Keith teaches you:

  • Pros & cons of intelligent part numbers
  • Why intelligent part numbers no longer make sense
  • Why simple part numbers are easier to use
  • The value of databases for part numbers
  • How PDM can create and use part numbers 

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