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The Business Case for Simulation

The Business Case for Simulation

“When in doubt, build it stout,” may be a popular saying, but doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best solution to keep your design from breaking or even saving you money. A surefire way to provide top-notch products while keeping production costs low is to check your models before they are prototyped or manufactured with SOLIDWORKS Simulation.

About This On-Demand Webinar

In this webinar, Application Engineer, Sam Skinner, demonstrates the value of having SOLIDWORKS Simulation in your software lineup and why it’s such an important investment. He teaches you how performing analysis on the forefront of your design process is critical to your company’s bottom line. 

In this webinar, Sam explains:

  • Why Simulation saves you money
  • How the software can reduce development time
  • How to create better products with Simulation
  • The cost of outsourcing analysis
  • How Simulation can give you a competitive edge

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