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SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2023

SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2023 Highlights

Envision your products in high-definition like never before with SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2023.

Achieve stunning visuals with less effort thanks to streamlined import options, expanded color management capabilities, and an all-new rendering engine. See how these new features can convert your lifeless CAD model into engaging visuals faster than ever before. Capture the attention of your audience with Visualize 2023.

  • Import: Component/Part/Body import mode now mimics the SOLIDWORKS tree for a streamlined workflow between design and rendering phases.
  • PBR Preview: Preview quality has been improved for PBR materials giving a more realistic representation of the final rendered state. Enjoy better confidence in your setup wile retaining the performance gains of preview mode.
  • Stellar Render Engine: Visualize has added a new rendering engine for 2023 with the Stellar Physically Correct Rendering Engine. Expect performance on par with Iray for this release with big things to come! This engine opens doors for performance gains and compatibility with the entire portfolio.
  • Color Picker: The color picker has received an overhaul for this release with improvements in a few key areas. This new color picker makes it possible to source company or project specific colors into Visualize instantly regardless of what format reference files are available:
    • Color Picker Undocks and Remains Available.
    • Color Palette Import and Control.
    • Hue Slider Present in RGB and HSV modes.
    • HEX Code Support.
    • Color Picker Preview Enlarged.
    • Retains 8 Most Recent Colors Used Across Sessions.