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SOLIDWORKS PDM: “What Does This Button Do?”

SOLIDWORKS PDM: “What Does This Button Do?”

SOLIDWORKS PDM enables you to arrange and edit the user interface with custom settings to improve quality and increase productivity of your assembly structure. Organizing columns and understanding keyboard shortcuts have never been easier. Are you ready to learn about the user interface highlights and buttons that are included in the latest version?

About This Webinar

TriMech Application Engineer, Nicole Spandley, reviews the upgraded tools in the PDM interface which allow us to navigate and manage our files with ease. Nicole highlights the performance tips to move through the Copy Tree, BOM Compare, and Where Used functions. Take a look inside the PDM extension in SOLIDWORKS to use the Compare Utility to compare version history geometry.

In this webinar, Nicole covers:

  • User interface tips in the vault 
  • Customizing column views
  • Preview configurations
  • BOM tricks and tools
  • Performance tips