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SOLIDWORKS PDM Advanced Search Functionality

SOLIDWORKS PDM Advanced Search Functionality

We’ve all been there…It’s crunch time and you have to wrap up that last ECR. You open up the directory you think the CAD file you need is in, but then what?? You search for the file you need by name, and likely find 8 to 10 files with the same or similar name or you spend time searching by name only to later discover it was actually saved under the part number instead. When it comes to developing a product, making sure you can find the correct model when you need it, is critical.

About this webinar

TriMech Application Engineer, Dave Ramsey covers the different ways SOLIDWORKS PDM can help you locate a file beyond the standard file name. CAD files are made up of metadata and a file’s name is just one portion of that data. It also includes other properties such as description, material, and creation date. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could search on all those additional properties? SOLIDWORKS PDM give us the ability to manage and track all this additional info, ensuring we can quickly find the right file every time.

In this webinar Dave covers:

  • Searching for files based on “description”, “material”, “where used”
  • Search based off of file workflow state
  • Add search criteria to Favorite Searches
  • Re-use your favorite file/folder cards for searching
  • Sharing your searching criteria/cards to others departments for ease of use and targeted searching