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Setting Initial Revisions in PDM

Setting Initial Revisions in PDM

Bringing files into PDM with assigned revisions can cause problems, including being assigned the workflow’s starting revision. More often than not, this is not an acceptable outcome. But inside of both SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard and Professional, there is a command you can utilize for a smoother, simpler process: the Set Revision tool.

About This On-Demand Webinar

In our webinar, TriMech Application Engineer, Keith Thompson, walks you through the usage and setup requirements for using the Set Revision tool in SOLIDWORKS PDM. This tool eliminates the need for overworked, complex workflows, so you can say goodbye to the ones with 3-4 states and dozens of transitions. After giving you the rundown on how to set them up, he then shows you where to find reference materials for more advanced learning. 

In this webinar, Keith covers how to:

  • Prevent initial workflow revision override
  • Set varying revisions on many file types in mass
  • Set revisions on files manually 
  • Eliminate complex revision setting workflows

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