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Rapid Prototyping - Design Iteratively

Rapid Prototyping - Design Iteratively

3D printed prototypes provide flexibility for trial-and-error, allowing designers to perfect parts before production begins. Watch this webinar to understand if your company could benefit from rapid prototyping concept models or functional prototypes.

About This On-Demand Webinar

Join Kelly Judson as he goes through an overview of how companies are using 3D printing in their rapid prototyping process and also how they are simply applying 3D printing as a tool to create their products. In this webinar, we go over 4 main functions of rapid prototyping: 

  • Design Iteratively- 3D printing prototypes aids in the crucial trial-and-error process
  • Reducing Scrap & Rework – Finding and fixing problems early is essential in order to avoid excess scrap, rework and retooling 
  • Communication Ideas- Physical models convey the specifics behind your ideas in ways that computers cannot 
  • Testing in the Real World- 3D printing allows you to experience how your products will look and perform before investing in tooling 

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