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PCB Design & Prototyping Technology Part 3: Additive Manufacturing with Nano Dimension

PCB Design & Prototyping Technology Part 3: Additive Manufacturing with Nano Dimension

After you have designed your printed circuit board, taken the time to test it with Simulation, it’s time to make it a reality with 3D printing. The right machine can make or break the functionality of your print. Find out more in our webinar.

About This On-Demand Webinar

In the final part of our three-part webinar series, TriMech Lead 3D Printing Application Engineer, Ricky Shannon, and TriMech ECAD Field Application Engineer, Levon Habosian, introduce the latest additive manufacturing technology for producing functional electronic boards in-house: Nano Dimension Dragonfly LDM. This technology is shrinking the time to market for short-run PCBs and the development of advanced electronics by weeks and enabling functional PCB prototyping to remain within the confines of your facility. Tightly packaged, complex boards with many and even unusual shapes are easily handled by the Nano Dimension LDM as it leverages 3D printed electric and conductive inks to directly produce boards.

In this webinar, Ricky and Levon show you how the printer can help you:

  • Get to the market faster through in-house prototyping and development 
  • Innovate freely without traditional manufacturing process constraints 
  • Print individual sections for on the fly testing
  • Protect your IP with in-house prototypes 
  • Find new solutions with net shape production
  • Save space, weight and cost with complex geometries and new functions

Interested in learning more? Check out part one, focused on integrated PCB design, and part two, focused on using SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation for circuit boards.