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Overcoming FDM Support Removal Bottlenecks with Automated Solutions

Overcoming FDM Support Removal Bottlenecks with Automated Solutions

Anyone who has implemented additive manufacturing can tell you that post-printing is often the most troublesome spot in the workflow, especially if you are scaling your operations. However, this doesn’t have to be your company’s downfall. 

About This On-Demand Webinar

In our solution partner webinar, PostProcess Technical Trainer, Francesca Baird, takes you through how their proprietary automated support removal systems can ease this bottleneck in the process. You discover how their technology utilizes both software, hardware and chemistry to deliver dramatic and immediate benefits to your additive workflow. She shares hard data and ROIs from real-life case studies so you will get a chance to see how these innovative solutions work in the world, enabling the fastest overall cycle time in the industry while reducing part defects and operator errors. 

In this webinar, Francesca covers:

  • The limits imposed by traditional FDM support removal methods like submersion tanks and manual labor
  • How to achieve unparalleled consistency, throughput and productivity for your support removal 
  • The basics of proprietary Volumetric Velocity Dispersion technology and how it works to reduce drying times by more than 60%
  • The significant returns on investment that can be achieved with automated post-printing solutions

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