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Making the Switch From AutoCAD to DraftSight

Making the Switch From AutoCAD to DraftSight

Many of us tend to stick to a 2D CAD solution that we are comfortable with, but with DraftSight the differences are so slight that you will get used to it in no time. Not only can you maintain the same level of productivity on your 2D CAD software, with DraftSight, it is only a fraction of the price.

About This Webinar

Technology Evangelist, Lynn Allen, explores DraftSight from the perspective of a former AutoCAD user. From exploring the familiar user interface to using key commands and features, Lynn demonstrates how easy the transition to DraftSight can be. 

In this webinar, Lynn covers the following topics:

  • A quick tour of DraftSight for the DWG CAD user
  • The DraftSight learning curve
  • What about my DWG CAD customization?
  • DraftSight/DWG compatibility and interoperability
  • Powerful DraftSight tools you won’t find in any other DWG CAD
  • Which DraftSight is best for you?