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Is It Loud In Here? Using NETVIBES to Cut Through the Noise in Your Market

Is It Loud In Here? Using NETVIBES to Cut Through the Noise in Your Market

NETVIBES, powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, has dashboards and applications inside their portfolio that allows you to follow your social networks, be alerted of breaking news or read relevant, interesting articles.

About This On-Demand Webinar

In our webinar, TriMech Technical Manager and Elite Application Engineer, Matt Kokoski, reviews the power and insights available at your fingertips thanks to the NETVIBES portfolio. He shows how the portfolio can give you the ability to easily and quickly derive meaningful social analytics from online data so you can gain better insight into your online presence, market and industry. This can result in better decision-making through business intelligence, staying ahead of the competition and always being informed. 

In this webinar, Matt covers the many benefits of NETVIBES including:

  • The unique position to gain insights, notice trends and execute plans strategically 
  • Social business intelligence to help product management 
  • Sharing dashboards, allowing organizations to bring marketing, sales and engineering together with executive oversight
  • Creating custom dashboards through various data sources easily 
  • Easily sharing aggregated content 

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