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Introducing the GOM T-Scan hawk

Introducing the GOM T-Scan hawk

Are you ready to experience 3D scanning on the go? The GOM T-SCAN hawk is a remarkable new 3D scanning solution that offers best in class accuracy, versatility, and portability.  

About This Webinar

TriMech Elite Application Engineer, Brian Metzger, demonstrates live how easy it is to capture complex 3D geometry using the T-SCAN hawk and pre-installed GOM Inspect Suite software. Learn about the impressive technical features, such as multiple laser sources and scanning modes, that allow the GOM T-SCAN hawk to deliver 3D measurement data with the highest precision. Brian reveals how this tool can scan anything from a small handheld object to an entire car. He also examines how the 3D scanned data can be used for both quality control and reverse engineering applications.

In this webinar, Brian covers:

  • The strengths and weaknesses of various 3D scanning solutions
  • How to capture incredibly accurate 3D scan data with the GOM T-SCAN hawk
  • Understand the power of a versatile 3D scanning solution in design and manufacturing applications
  • How post processing software like Geomagic Design X and GOM Inspect Professional can integrate the 3D scanner with your SOLIDWORKS data