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Implementing a Drawingless MBE in the Manufacturing Industry

Implementing a Drawingless MBE in the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is constantly rolling our new standards for Model-Based Enterprise (MBE), which is a drawingless system that uses a model throughout the workflow. Are you curious about how to effectively implement MBE practices at your manufacturing organization?

About This Webinar

With new standards rolling out to suppliers and manufacturers such as MIL-STD 31000B, ASME Y14.41 and ISO 16792, and the development of open CAD data exchange standards capable of adequately representing product manufacturing information (PMI), it can be tricky to understand how to leverage this into your own organization.

In this webinar, TriMech Elite Application Engineers, John Hall and Paul Ludwick show you how you can change digital workflows by bring together SOLIDWORKS MBDCAMInspection and Composer. They highlight how you can transition from a paper-based operations floor to creating seamless digital content and using model-based definition to get a project done. This is your opportunity to see a multiple integrated solutions from SOLIDWORKS at work!.

In this webinar, John and Paul teach you:

  • How to manage your data efficiently in one unified environment
  • How to create digital product manufacturing information (PMI) directly inside your CAD files
  • How toolpathing is automated directly off models while also taking tolerancing into consideration
  • How to create inspection documentation directly from the model
  • How to create intelligent, interactive content for shop floor use like assembly manual and quality assurance produce guides