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How to Stretch Your Dollar in Manufacturing With 3D Printing

How to Stretch Your Dollar in Manufacturing With 3D Printing

In this webinar, Application Engineer, Tommy DuPuy, explains how to stretch your dollar in manufacturing with 3D printing by breaking down the design cycle and how it applies to your 3D printing processes.

About This On-Demand Webinar

While industries and organizations may have slightly different design cycles, the overall concept is the same. Watch as we break down how 3D printing technologies, like PolyJet and FDM, can be used in all stages of your workflow, from creating ideas to designing in CAD, to prototyping, to optimizing parts, to evaluating products and ultimately, to manufacturing. By learning the full capabilities of these technologies and what toolsets they offer, businesses can maximize ROI. This webinar will highlight:

  • Differences between PolyJet and FDM technologies
  • Subtractive manufacturing methods versus traditional processes
  • Benefits of adding 3D printing into your development
  • Best practices for different 3D printing applications
  • Factors that impact cost and time to market

After viewing this on-demand webinar, you will have learned the break down of the design cycle and how you are able to leverage 3D printing in manufacturing.