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How to Create Custom Search Column Results

How to Create Custom Search Column Results

SOLIDWORKS PDM is the perfect place to store your design data. However, searching through all the information to find the files you need can be challenging and time-consuming. Watch our webinar to learn how to navigate through all the data.

About This On-Demand Webinar

In this webinar, Technical Support Engineer, Michelle Elam, directs you in customizing search results with a limitless custom column configuration. She shows you how to build these configurations to be available to specific people or groups in SOLIDWORKS PDM. Plus, she teaches you how to export your search results inside SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional to an Excel format for easy sharing. 

In this webinar, Michelle covers:

  • Exporting search data to Excel
  • Defining search results per group/user
  • Getting the search results you want
  • Customizing PDM

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