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Get to Know Technical Communications with SOLIDWORKS Software

Get to Know Technical Communications with SOLIDWORKS Software

You no longer need to compromise your communications by relying on rough drawings to show your concepts or waiting until your design is finished to start creating product communication deliverables.

TriMech Solutions Consultant, Justin Lingerfelt, will look at three products used in technical communication: SOLIDWORKS ComposerSOLIDWORKS Visualize and SOLIDWORKS MBD. He will cover the creation of technical work instructions either for manufacturing or end users as well as interactive web content. He will also touch on the creation of stunning photo renderings for use in marketing and the use of product manufacturing information (PMI) on 3D models to convey design intent and eliminate the need for 2D drawings.

During this On-Demand Webinar you will learn:

  • Work instructions and catalogue pages in SOLIDWORKS Composer
  • Creation of photo assets for use in other programs in SOLIDWORKS Composer
  • Interactive Web content in SOLIDWORKS Composer
  • Photo rendering in SOLIDWORKS Visualize
  • Animations in SOLIDWORKS Visualize
  • Application of PMI in SOLIDWORKS MBD
  • Benefits to elimination 2D drawings in SOLIDWORKS MBD