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Get To Know SOLIDWORKS Composer

Get To Know SOLIDWORKS Composer

Technical publications and assembly work instructions are a critical part of your business, especially for your customers. This documentation is typically done after all the design work is complete, delaying your product’s time to market and reducing it’s ROI. Do you find yourself waiting until the end, or very late in the design process to create all the necessary documents? Or want to reduce the amount of paper floating around your shop floor? Or do you just struggle to create the work instructions? Help is here!

About This Webinar

Javelin Application Engineer, Craig D’Costa, takes you through an overview of SOLIDWORKS Composer and how you can use it to produce technical communication that helps customers understand and retain product information more effectively. This software is a digital authoring tool that can help generate the content you need, directly from your 3D CAD designs. 

In this webinar, Craig teaches you how to: 

  • Leverage your CAD files downstream into digital publications and high-resolution images
  • Create traditional documentation for owner’s manuals, assembly manuals, etc.
  • Create high-end digital content and interactive files that can be used on the shop floor, as a deliverable to customers and even put on websites
  • Automate changes directly from the CAD model without having to recreate content