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Electrical Connectors

Electrical Connectors

Did you know there are thousands of connector types? There is one much more predominantly used that you can find everywhere with a male pin connection and a jack with a female socket. In SOLIDWORKS they can be displayed in many different ways. 

About This On-Demand Webinar

In our webinar, TriMech Electrical Implementation Engineer, Cameron Cintula, walks you through inserting and managing connectors in SOLIDWORKS Electrical. In the software you can configure your connector on a project level, giving you the ability to use both default and user-made configurations. He covers the different ways connectors can be displayed, such as pin-out and schemes, whole connectors on a single drawing or split across multiple drawings as individual pins. 

In this webinar, Cameron will teach you to:

  • Configure connectors
  • Insert connectors as a symbol 
  • Configure pin types
  • Insert connectors with pin indicators only
  • Split a connector

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