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Electrical and PDM: Start to Finish of a Project

Electrical and PDM: Start to Finish of a Project

A SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic project starts with an idea, followed by a series of decisions detailing the layout, components and how they interact. SOLIDWORKS PDM can track the evolution of your design. Find out how in our webinar. 

About This On-Demand Webinar

In this webinar, Application Engineer Lisa Hughey shows you how to keep your data synchronized between SOLIDWORKS Electrical and SOLIDWORKS PDM. The integration tool makes it easier and more efficient to get details, notifications, send action items and more. Plus, she shows off some of the new capabilities in the SOLIDWORKS 2019 software upgrade that can help enhance how all your data is managed. 

In this webinar, Lisa teaches you how:

  • To effectively manage data in a PDM professional vault
  • The new integration capabilities in the 2019 version 
  • The PDM vault administrator can foster consistency among various users
  • PDM vault users can see and share data across engineering disciplines
  • Your PDM Professional vault can revision-control your CAD files and non-CAD documentation

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