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Direct Metal 3D Printing & Its Alternatives

Direct Metal 3D Printing & Its Alternatives

With so many different 3D printing methods and even more options for materials, it can be a challenge to keep up with which is the right tool for your project. 3D metal printing is gaining attention on the market, and we’re here to help you learn more about it in our on-demand webinar!

About This On-Demand Webinar

Watch our webinar as TriMech Application Engineer, Andrew Sink, discusses the ins and outs of metal 3D printing. He explores both the benefits and the drawbacks of printing parts using these printers and materials, the strengths of the parts as well as some general knowledge on the metal printing process. If you think you may be using the wrong machine and materials to print your parts and that metal is the right fit, this is the webinar for you! 

In this webinar, Andrew discusses:

  • Misconceptions regarding tolerance
  • The purpose of 3D printing metal parts
  • Alternatives to metal 3D printing
  • The 3D metal printing process
  • Common material types used in metal additive manufacturing  

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