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Design Reuse with SOLIDWORKS PDM

Design Reuse with SOLIDWORKS PDM

Have you ever started a new project or design only to determine that large portions, if not most of the new design, is similar to a previous one? Reutilizing design data is a common practice among designers and engineers. Equally common, is how often we fall into habits when reusing data that needlessly adds time and duplicates effort.

About This Webinar

In this webinar, TriMech Application Engineer, Justin Lingerfelt, shows you how to speed up your design process and make it more efficient with design reuse in SOLIDWORKS PDM. Justin reviews common problems and challenges that come up when trying to reuse data with conventional file management tools. He covers the advantages that SOLIDWORKS PDM brings designers for better file control and access. Justin shows you that design replication doesn’t have to mean file duplication and how PDM can make your design reuse, faster and easier.

In this webinar, Justin covers:

  • Identify common challenges of conventional file management with respect to design reuse.
  • Understand how PDM maintains and manages file references.
  • Discover PDM tools like Copy Tree.
  • Learn that design and project replication does not have to mean file duplication.
  • Learn how PDM can speed up your design processes.