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Design Cycle Efficiency With Multi-material 3D Printing

The design process entails creating models, outsourcing materials and getting approval, and traditionally, it could take a very long time for you to bring your products to life. Not any more! With the ability to 3D print multi-material prototypes in-house, you can speed up and save costs in the early stages of your design cycle.
In this guide, you’ll get to review how multi-material 3D printing impacted the design process for a smart speaker and you will:
  • Learn how to speed up your design process with in-house multi-material 3D printing
  • Explore how different materials let you create low-cost prototypes of your product
  • Discover how to mimic textures for your design such as wood or fabric
  • Get an overview of the new Stratasys J55 PolyJet 3D printer, and more!

Once you read through this guide, you will want to start 3D printing in-house to speed up your design cycle.

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