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Create "Same But Different" Designs With DriveWorks

Create "Same But Different" Designs With DriveWorks

Do you find yourself creating essentially the same product over and over again? Could your products be defined by a uniform set of rules? If you’ve ever dreamed of automating your repetitive design tasks, then DriveWorks might be the perfect SOLIDWORKS add-in for you.

About This On-Demand Webinar

Join Application Engineer, Tommy Ray, in learning about creating “same but different” designs with DriveWorks. DriveWorks is an integrated solution for every stage of your product design life cycle. It is used by engineers, sales teams, distributors and customers to design, engineer and configure to order. It also provides automation for same but different designs and orders by automating the creation of sales quotes, manufacturing documents and data including SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies and drawings. DriveWorks has so many helpful features like: 

  • Best in Class SOLIDWORKS Automation 
  • Rules Engine
  • Form Designer 
  • Work Flow 
  • Configurable 3D in Browser 
  • Strong Integration with 3rd Party Systems 
  • Just to name a few! 

There are 3 products available for a scalable solution: 

  1. DriveWorks Xpress 
  2. DriveWorks Solo 
  3. DriveWorks Pro 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn about DriveWorks! Watch the full webinar above.