Create and Use VR Content With SOLIDWORKS Visualize Pro

Create and Use VR Content With SOLIDWORKS Visualize Pro

Ready to take the dive into the virtual reality world but feeling a little apprehensive? Watch out webinar to discover how SOLIDWORKS Visualize can give you the assist you need. 

About This On-Demand Webinar

Watch our webinar as TriMech Application Engineer, Stephen Choi, takes you on a tour of what you can achieve with VR files today, and where this technology may go in the future with SOLIDWORKS. He then creates a 360° camera view in Visualize and exports it onto a smartphone-based device. After Stephen takes you through the steps needed to do this you will be able to create a walk-through VR video of your product for your customers to view in the comfort in their home.

In this webinar, he will teach you:

  • The current and upcoming capabilities of VR content generated from your CAD models 
  • How to create 360° content in SOLIDWORKS Visualize Pro
  • To import the 360° content into a smartphone
  • And more!

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