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Cost of Not Training: Leveraging Your 3D Printer

Cost of Not Training: Leveraging Your 3D Printer

One employee trained in 3D printing can save your company an exponential amount of time and gain efficiency. But, can one employee offset the cost of the rest of the staff remaining untrained? Discover more in our webinar.

About This On-Demand Webinar

Watch part one of our two-part on-demand webinar series as TriMech Engineering Manager, Kelly Judson, explores the accomplishments a well-trained staff can obtain. This includes ensuring your prints are strong enough, fast enough and light enough at the minimal price to enable the company to achieve the desired results. 

Kelly will take you through:

  • Printing considerations 
  • FDM print options
  • Software settings
  • Geometry optimization
  • Post-processing considerations

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