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Considerations When Designing for Simulation

Considerations When Designing for Simulation

SOLIDWORKS Simulation can help test your designs to see how they will perform in the real world. But, did you know there are ways to make your models work even better for simulation? Watch our webinar to find out how! 

About This On-Demand Webinar

Adjusting your approach on existing models can improve your experience in SOLIDWORKS Simulation. Watch out webinar as TriMech Elite Application Engineer, Brian Metzger, takes you through a series of SOLIDWORKS modeling tips and tricks that will help improve your simulations. Perhaps you want a study to replicate a very specific boundary condition. Maybe you want to improve the simulation accuracy. Maybe you just want your simulation to run faster! Much of this is possible if we simply adjust the way we model the parts. 

Brian will teach you how to:

  • Use Split Lines to better apply boundary conditions 
  • Break complicated bodies into multi-bodies
  • Edit existing models to simplify to simulation 
  • Better design assemblies for faster setup and solve times 
  • Make yourself indispensable as a simulation expert

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