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Benefits of TriMech's Power Suite for SOLIDWORKS PDM

Benefits of TriMech's Power Suite for SOLIDWORKS PDM

TriMech’s experienced programming staff has created a number of tools that can improve functionality within SOLIDWORKS PDM. Learn more here.

About This On-Demand Webinar

Watch as Tim Paris, PDM Specialist, provides an insight into the specially made tools that TriMech’s programming staff has created to make PDM easier to use. TriMech has created programs, add-ins, macros and customer-requested tools. These tools help SOLIDWORKS PDM do certain things it can’t necessarily do by itself.

In this webinar, we go over various tools but highlight three and show you how to implement these while using PDM. These three vital tools are: 

  • ECx Tool:
    • This tool is used to manage your engineering change process. It makes it far easier to manage file references and it uses existing PDM templates.
  • Rename Tool: 
    • The rename tool can be used to aid with complex naming schemas. With this tool, you can build complex strings that can pull from simple text, complex serial numbers, data card variables and many more!
  • Property Tool: 
    • With this tool, you can update a card field on multiple documents at once with the ease of a spreadsheet.

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