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Back It Up! How to Properly Back Up Your PDM Vault

Back It Up! How to Properly Back Up Your PDM Vault

In today’s world of virtual machines, people tend to think that a snapshot of your server is good enough to have a backup of PDM if the system goes down. However, it’s not. We will discuss what can be lost from your data, tips on where to find your recent work, and when it is time to restore PDM from a backup.

About This On-Demand Webinar

TriMech System Architect, Patricia Bar, walks you through the process of backing up your PDM system correctly through the SQL Management Studio. Patricia demonstrates how to create an automatic schedule to eliminate the need of manually backing up the servers, how to save the archive server settings, and how to ensure they are all from a similar time frame. 

In this webinar, Patricia covers:

  • Components needed to successfully backup vault
  • How to back up SQL
  • What is the root folder and where to find it
  • The importance of timing