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Additive vs. Subtractive Manufacturing: How to Choose

Additive vs. Subtractive Manufacturing: How to Choose

If you are wondering when it makes the most sense for your company to use additive manufacturing vs subtractive manufacturing, we can help. Knowing which method is best for your application can be challenging. That’s why we’re breaking down best use cases for both techniques.

About This On-Demand Webinar

TriMech Application Engineer, Tommy DuPuy, will focus on general applications that tend to lean one way or the other, show examples of practical build quantities and how to incorporate both methods to create efficient design and production workflows. He discusses:

  • Build quantities between both methods
  • Types of materials that drive application 
  • Good part geometries for both methods 
  • Prototyping and end-use parts 
  • Explain how to leverage both technologies for your end goal

Want to learn more about Additive Manufacturing? Download our “What is Additive Manufacturing?” infographic.