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3D Scanning in Criminal Justice Education

3D Scanning in Criminal Justice Education

The criminal justice system is adopting 3D scanners for important and critical work at crime scenes. Find out how universities and colleges are teaching it to their students heading into the industry.

About This On-Demand Webinar

In this webinar, TriMech Education Business Unit Manager, Wayne Merson, and Elite Application Engineer, Brian Metzger, dive into the world of 3D scanners, crime scenes and education. Universities and colleges with criminal justice programs are embracing 3D scanning since it allows for a faster crime scene investigation process while creating an accurate three-dimensional representation. Non-contact 3D scanning is becoming an imperative part of the 21st century for both police and insurance companies. This technology can take measurements, inspect evidence and analyze blood spatter or bullet trajectory. 

In this webinar, they cover:

  • How 3D scanners aid in criminal evidence gathering
  • Preserving digital evidence via non-contact data collection
  • Modern technology for modern crime-solving 
  • How 3D scanners can better prepare students for careers in Criminal Justice
  • How 3D scanners can become the leading technology in criminal justice education

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