Solution Partners

Partner Programs offer direct access to integrated products and services to maximize productivity – helping you bring your product to market faster. Working closely with leading companies around the world, SOLIDWORKS and TriMech offer you an unmatched range of high-quality solutions to meet your specific product design and development objectives.

Artec 3D is the global leader for handheld 3D scanners in key industries, supplying the most cutting edge 3D technology to major clients in Industrial Design & Manufacturing, Science & Education, Healthcare and Art & Design.

Omnify Software provides a single and secure location to manage essential information regarding phases of your product's life span (concept, development, production, support, end-of-life) as well as eliminating the stress associated with manual product design and development.

As a global leader in desktop 3D printing, Makerbot is known for its reliability and ease-of-use by providing effective solutions for every stage of the desktop 3D printing process.

Pittsburgh Technology Council empowers members through four core service areas: talent, business development, government relations, and visibility.

Greentown Labs provides prototyping space, shared machine shop tools, office space and an event space. Greentown gives entrepreneurs access to the equipment, services, education, and network they need to launch their companies quickly.

InterPRO offers serveral services including, 3D printing, custom model making and low-volume production solutions to companies that research, develop and manufacture new products. They are highly dedicated to helping designers and engineers develop and manufacture high quality products quickly and efficiently.

Creaform’s mission is to create, manufacture and market portable 3D measurement and analysis technologies that increase effectiveness and productivity. Through expertise and determination, Creaform helps companies from the manufacturing industry to effortlessly create, simulate, verify, and collaborate in 3D, which significantly enhances their profitability.

BMI Cloud Solutions is a leading supplier of office solutions that include the following: process definition, system integrations, customization, coding, and support, serving clients. Our mission is to understand your business and offer solutions that will help you reach your business goals.

Eliminate time-consuming CAM rework due to design updates. With CAMWorks, any changes made to the design are automatically updated in the machining operations and toolpaths.

If you've ever dreamed of automating your repetitive design tasks, then DriveWorks might be the perfect SOLIDWORKS add-in for you. DriveWorks is a rules-based design automation program that allows you to capture the knowledge you already have about how to design a particular product and express it as rules. These rules can then be applied to the creation of "same but different" designs.

ElectroMagneticWorks provides electromagnetic and magnetic software and simulation tools based on the finite element method. The company’s flagship products cover a wide range of electromagnetics applications operating at DC to millimeter wave frequencies.

Shed that extra weight (on your SOLIDWORKS model) with solidThinking Inspire. Using bone growth algorithms, solidThinking Inspire quickly calculates the mathematically optimal shape for load-bearing mechanical components, breaking the infinite cycle of modify-check-repeat. Simply put, you can now start the design process with the ideal conceptual shape for your design constraints.

MoldWorks is a 3D solid-based mold design application that delivers innovative, intuitive intelligent design tools for the injection molding industry. MoldWorks incorporates process-specific knowledge of moldmaking in CAMD (Computer Aided Mold Design) software, dramatically outperforming traditional mold making software. With MoldWorks’ complete associative parametric mold base, the user can modify a give plate, component or the entire mold base effortlessly and propagate the requested change throughout the complete mold.

LogoPress enables tool and die designers in sheet metal stamping shops to flatten parts a CAD system cannot flatten alone. LogoPress automates the die design process to save up to 50% of the time it may take to do a typical die design.

Let QuickPress take you from 3D parts to custom designed tooling. QuickPress provides solutions ranging from blanking development to strip layout design and automatic die plate generation. Its built-in die set library helps automate your design process while powerful sketch and unfolding bring die design capabilities to your SOLIDWORKS environment.

Camnetics is dedicated to improving the way automation components are designed, enabling our clients to wring even more productivity out of their SOLIDWORKS investment. GearTrax is an easy-to-use tool for creating solid models of drive components directly inside SOLIDWORKS. With CamTrax, you can quickly design cams of virtually any type inside SOLIDWORKS with the dynamic motion control parameters your system requires. CamTrax software utilizes a unique visual layout system, which automates the creation of cylindrical, disk, linear and segment cams.

If you work with files from multiple CAD systems, you know things don’t always open the way they’re meant to. With the Elysium CADporter toolset, you can heal problem geometry and easily translate between SOLIDWORKS and other popular CAD programs.

The Manufacturing Solutions Center is a non-profit division of the Catawba Valley Community College. Building on a solid experience in outreach to traditional manufacturing, MSC helps US manufacturers increase sales, develop new products, improve quality and increase efficiency to create or retain jobs.

Take your CAD PDFs beyond basic printing with BlueBeam Pushbutton Plus. Making PDFs has never been so easy with batch conversion of SOLIDWORKS files, markup capabilities, auto bookmarking of drawing views and automatic resizing of CAD pages. With twice the speed and practically half the price of Acrobat, Bluebeam is the obvious choice for CAD-to-PDF conversion.