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No more waiting for physical prototypes to create stunning illustrations, photorealistic images, interactive animations and high-quality assembly instructions. SOLIDWORKS Composer uses 2D and 3D CAD data to produce a wide range of technical communication documents. Create associative deliverables from the beginning of product development that synchronize automatically so they are finished simultaneously with your product. SOLIDWORKS Composer can help you create: - 3D interactive animations - 2D line art graphics (SVG, EPS, CGM) - High-resolution raster images (BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF) Plus, customer and company stakeholders can get a clear understanding of your product information earlier in the design process, lowering costs and speeding time-to-market.

Product Description

With SOLIDWORKS Composer, you can:

  • Explain how your product works, how it’s assembled and how to service it – even to external, non-technical stakeholders
  • Import design data to create bills of materials (BOMs), add dimensions, place surface finish labels
  • Retain critical design information, such as part numbers, rather than re-entering it manually
  • Automatically update your design with last-minute design change

Software Features

Faster Content Development

SOLIDWORKS Composer software enables you to:

  • Work directly from 3D CAD data and create 2D and 3D graphical content in multiple formats, such as raster images (JPG, BMP, TIF, PNG); vector images (SVG, EPS, SVGZ, CGM); videos (AVI); and 3D interactive animations (3D PDF, HTML, SMG), executable package, ActiveX control)
  • Use the intuitive authoring tools to leverage the CAD model as a source for technical graphic creation
  • Remove the need for digital photographs, CAD screenshots, and manual drawings
  • Free up engineering resources from the need to generate and maintain images
  • Update technical communication files automatically, keeping graphics accurate and current with the latest product design

Broad Range of Technical Communications Applications

SOLIDWORKS Composer graphical content supports a wide range of technical communication applications for manufacturing, sales, marketing, service, and training—all of which are associated with your CAD data:

  • Publish clear, detailed 2D and 3D instructions to accurately show complex operations for your Assembly Floor
  • Visualize, demonstrate, and sell your product technology in the bidding process
  • Promote your product with marketing materials
  • Publish user instructions with 3D visuals
  • Create maintenance and repair guides for machine operators and service engineers
  • Provide 3D parts catalogs in print or online for customer orders
  • Have Engineers create “3D visual know-how” learning materials for internal or external training
  • Develop visual testing procedures manuals with QA Engineers

Intuitive Technical Communication

  • Use visual 3D communication instead of text to engage with non-technical audiences or those who speak another language
  • Create clear and intuitive 3D visuals that are easy to understand
  • Use interactive animations and 3D-configurable communication to create a richer product experience
  • Show product assembly, repair, or operation using graphical 3D communication even before the product is manufactured

Optimized Workflows

  • Create realistic product images without needing photography or a physical prototype
  • Create product images and illustrations from multiple angles as needed without a physical prototype
  • Create detailed product breakouts without disassembling a product
  • Keep technical communication materials up-to-date without needing a new physical prototype
  • Link and automatically update technical communications using the CAD model as designs change
  • Start documentation earlier in the design process working directly from the 3D CAD data
  • Complete documentation faster and at lower cost to get products to market faster
  • Minimize translation and localization costs using visual communications instead of text