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SW Simulation Pro Software Image
Sim Honda Motorcycle
Base Jump 10 13 05 08
Seascooter Velocity Flow Trajs
3D Software

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional

Make intelligent design decisions using the multi-criteria optimization tools in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional. Run a variety of virtual scenarios and optimize your design for weight, vibration or instability. SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional will analyze mechanical resistance, product durability, natural frequencies, heat transfer and buckling instabilities. Pressure vessel analysis and complex loading is also supported.

Product Description

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional adds multiple features to the SOLIDWORKS Simulation software. These include: design optimization, advanced contacts and connectors, event-based motion, frequency, buckling or collapse, structural thermal, 2D simplification, drop test, pressure vessel design and sub modeling simulation.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional feature of parametric optimization design study allows you to carry out the “what if” scenario when it comes to testing the parameters of the model, material, loadings and restraints. Testing these in advance sets the stage for optimal design.

Software Features

For professional start list as "Key features include everything in Standard version with the following additions:

  • Thermal Analysis 
  • Frequency Studies 
  • Buckling Studies 
  • Pressure Vessel Studies 
  • Topology Studies