SW Simulation Premium Software ImageSim Honda MotorcycleBase Jump 10 13 05 08Seascooter Velocity Flow Trajs
SW Simulation Premium Software Image
Sim Honda Motorcycle
Base Jump 10 13 05 08
Seascooter Velocity Flow Trajs
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SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium

Utilize real-world, multi-physical simulation techniques with the robust features in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium. SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium will test nonlinear and dynamic response, dynamic loading and composite materials, providing unmatched product design insight. Your products will be more reliable and optimized than ever before, no matter the material or use environment.

Product Description

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium includes additional advanced simulation types beyond Standard and Professional. They are categorized into two different types, Non-linear and Dynamic.

Non-linear provides simulation on transient loads, large component deformation, non-linear materials, self-contact for non-linear analysis, real-time visual updates while solving. 

Dynamic provides simulation and analysis for modal time history, harmonic, random vibration, response spectrum, and estimated component life based on dynamic loading.

Software Features

Key features include everything in Standard and Professional version with the following additions:

  • Linear Dynamic Studies 
  • Non-Linear Analysis