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SW Plastics Pro 2 Cavity Mold Layout
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SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium is the most advanced solution, offering mold cooling line layouts analysis and molded part warpage prediction functionality. Designers can build and study simple or complex mold cooling line layouts, reduce cycle times, improve material selection and optimize processing parameters.

Product Description

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium provides the capability of predicting molded part warpage and analyzing injection mold cooling line layouts. Being able to run a residual stress test for possible displacement saves time and money from mistakes that could be prevented.

Software Features

Key features include everything in Standard and Professional version with the following additions:

  • Cooling Lines
  • Baffles and Bubblers
  • Conformal Cooling Channels
  • Runner Domain Category
  • Sink Mark Profiles
  • Mold Temperature at Cooling End
  • Displacement Due to Residual Stress