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Altair Inspire The Future Of Simulation Driven Design
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Altair Inspire Software
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Altair Inspire

Altair Inspire (formally solidThinking Inspire) software gives design engineers, product designers and architects the ability to investigate structurally efficient concepts quickly and easily. Inspire uses the Industry leading Altair OptiStruct technology to generate and analyze design concepts to increase your product’s efficiency, strength and manufacturability. This can lead to a reduction in costs, development time, material consumption, and product weight.

Product Description

Altair Inspire makes analyzing parts and assemblies easier than ever! It allows users to rapidly explore and assess designs for static loads, normal modes, buckling and motion through an intuitive user experience leveraging its embedded physics engine. This ensures a dependable design prior to any prototyping or expensive production. Simulation-driven design equips its users with the tools necessary to accelerate their overall design process and streamline the production of high-performance, quality parts and products. 

Software Features

Design Faster

Generate concepts which meet structural performance requirements at the beginning of the design cycle. This results in significant time savings over the traditional approach of design, validate, redesign to meet structural requirements.

Design Smarter

Inspire makes it easy to perform “what-if” scenarios where package space, connections, load conditions, and shape controls can be modified. Reviewing the resulting concepts often reveals valuable insights.

Design Lighter

Inspire makes efficient use of material, only placing it where required to satisfy structural performance requirements. Reduced design weight leads to material cost savings, performance improvements and reduced shipping costs.