St Software Image Altair Inspire FormAltair Form Chrysler WrinklesAltair Form Feasibility Import GeometryAltair Form Feasibility Analyze Rainbow
St Software Image Altair Inspire Form
Altair Form Chrysler Wrinkles
Altair Form Feasibility Import Geometry
Altair Form Feasibility Analyze Rainbow
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Altair Inspire Form

Altair Inspire Form (formerly Click2Form) is a complete stamping simulation environment that can effectively be used by product designers and process engineers to optimize designs, simulate robust manufacturing and reduce material costs.

Product Description

Altair Inspire Form includes a fast and easy feasibility module through which the users can predict formability early in the product development cycle. In addition to identifying defects in stamping, Inspire Form also has a user-friendly interface that makes for more natural workflows. The software predicts accurate blank shapes that can be optimally nested in progressive and transfer die layouts within manufacturing constraints to save material and cost. Only minimal training is required.

Software Features

Design Better Products

  • Quick and reliable check on stamping feasibility of design
  • Visualize potential defect areasĀ 
  • Modify design, gauge, evaluate material type to quickly finalize the design
  • Guide the user with the design and reduce trial and error

Improve Productivity

  • Evaluate product designs for feasibility for material utilization and quoting
  • Quickly check dieface designs for stamping feasibility
  • Predict common stamping defects in die-face design upfront and correct them before detailed incremental analysis

Reduce Scrap and Improve Material Utilization

  • Accurate blank shape prediction
  • Option to add additional material to account for addendum
  • Nesting for transfer die forming with blank fit option to standard shapes: Rectangle, parallelogram, trapezoidal, miter, chevron and sweep