Tri Mech Power Suite
3D Software

TriMech Power Suite

The Power Suite of software tools have been developed exclusively by the engineers at TriMech to complement the current Data Management software offerings from SOLIDWORKS and bridge the gaps to complete the job at hand quickly and efficiently. These services range from Data Migrations from multi sources, API Integration / Development and Software Deployments.

Product Description

The TriMech Power Suite is a culmination of tools that TriMech's Solutions Engineering Team have developed throughout the years of delivering services to the SOLIDWORKS and engineering community. This collection of tools address: 

  • Effectively managing Software License Usage across the organization 
  • Data Interrogation for risk assessment 
  • SOLIDWORKS File References for parts, assemblies and drawings 
  • Integrated Change Process for multiple departments 
  • Streamline meta data entry between Enterprise Level Systems 
  • File Revision Management 
  • SOLIDWORKS Properties – Review, adjust and update with ease 
  • And much more

Software Features

The individual tools that make up the complete TriMech Power Suite include: 

  • TriMech Auto Logoff 
  • TriMech Data Doctor 
  • TriMech DMS Reference Add-In 
  • TriMech PDM ECX Tool 
  • TriMech PDM EMU 
  • TriMech PDM Property Tool 
  • TriMech PDM Rename Tool 
  • TriMech PDM Revision Tool 
  • TriMech PDM Sync Tool 
  • TriMech SolidWorks Property Update
  • TriMech SolidWorks Update Tool 
  • TriMech Power Suite Utility