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SW PDM Standard Software image
SW PDM Standard Epdm Globe Flat
SW PDM Standard image
SW Professional Pad 030513 PPT
3D Software


How are you managing your product design data? When multiple teams are collaborating on one design, you need a system to manage the all the various parts, files and drawings in one central, easy-to-navigate location. With SOLIDWORKS PDM, you can be confident that everyone on your team has the right files and the most updated versions all the time with two solution packages to meet your needs.

Product Description

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard system organizes and stores CAD data along with other file types to keep everything centralized in one shared location. The use of configurable search cards creates a much faster search process to access files. Version control helps to avoid rework due to working on previous versions.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard is a new tool made for smaller engineering teams that only have users in one office location. SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard is included with SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium packages and it can be upgraded to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional as your team grows.

Software Features

Key features include: 

  • File Management 
  • Design and Reuse 
  • Revision Management
  • Secure File Vaulting 
  • Revision Control 
  • Audit Trail 
  • Integrated Search 
  • eDrawings Preview