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SW Exalead Onepart Software Image
Exalead Onepart Features image
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3D Software


“Should I create a new design or use one I already have?” EXALEAD OnePart finds legacy 2D/3D design data from multiple sources and makes it available to you instantly. Instead of recreating a design, EXALEAD OnePart helps you uncover and compare similar parts within your company’s existing assets. Explore parts, designs, specifications, standards, test results and related information and reuse them for new designs, without wasting time searching for the right files. By leveraging your existing design work, EXALEAD OnePart can help you: Find legacy parts, assemblies and drawings that are hidden or scattered within your company. Boost team productivity and efficiency. Beat your competition to market. Lower inventory and management costs

Product Description

EXALEAD OnePart’s key features include:

  • A full-text search bar with auto-completion, wild card, spell check and multi-suggest
  • Shape search by upload of a CAD file
  • 3D similarity shape search
  • Side-by-side attribute comparisons
  • Assembly parent/child relationships
  • 3D mechanical feature mining

Software Features

EXALEAD OnePart Features:

  • Legacy search for parts, assemblies, and drawings and other related information throughout the enterprise
  • Federated search from a single full-text search bar (auto-completion, wild card, spell check, multi-suggest)
  • 3D similarity shape search
  • Side-by-side attribute comparisons
  • Assembly’s parent and children relationships
  • 3D mechanical feature mining (locating parts based on holes, pads, grooves, and others)
  • User tagging for collaboration
  • Charts and graphs with configurable KPIs for rapid analysis
  • Facet filtering to refine on search results: multiple-choice, disjunctive 

Newest Features:

  • Elastic Data Model: Add custom attributes and facets to your parts, such as ERP or catalog information (no Customization SDK requirement)
  • Multi-suggest: Suggested queries display in multiple attributes
  • Hole Detection (beta): Detects slots with circular and square ends along with their characteristics, directly from the geometry of CATIA V5 parts
  • App security: Complements traditional ACL-based security policies with declarative, rule-based security principles
  • Shape search by upload of a CAD file 
  • 3D Viewer: Users can play with the image directly in the preview page or in full screen mode
  • Dedicated interface to quickly add sources and schedule scans
  • Open In Source button: users can directly open any file regardless of the source