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SW Electrical Schematic Pro Software Image
SW Electrical Schematic Standard Camera 2
SW Electrical Schematic Standard Camera 4
SW Electrical Schematic Standard Camera 3
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SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Professional

Electrical design doesn’t have to be tedious. Optimize your electrical schematic designs with SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Professional. The SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Professional suite helps engineering teams automate the development of embedded electrical systems. Tedious design tasks, from PLC and terminal block to contact cross reference assignments, are streamlined. Common circuit segments are easily reused with built-in and web-enabled symbol libraries, manufacturer part information and 3D component models.

Product Description

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Professional provides added features when working with teams of engineers. These features include: single-line and multi-line schematic tools, automation of PLC and terminal block, and access to thousands of symbols and 500,000+ manufactured parts. 

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Professional combines with the 3D modeling capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Electrical Professional for an all-in-one package. This partnership provides an easy-to-use system for electrical and mechanical integration. Keep it all together with SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Professional. 

Software Features

Key features include everything in Standard version with the following additions:

  • Common ECAD and MCAD Database
  • PLC Tools
  • Dynamic Connector Tools
  • Real-time Collaboration
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Integration
  • Real-time Synchronization
  • Global Project Settings
  • Manufacturer Part
  • SymbolEditor
  • Marks and Wires Management
  • Multi-level Terminals Strip Support
  • Distributed Mode
  • Classifications