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SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D

See your electrical schematic designs in 3D. SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D uses advanced routing technology to connect your electrical components to your SOLIDWORKS model. Run wires, harnesses and cables and connect your electrical parts in 3D. SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D helps you plan specific locations and paths. The electrical components and 3D models are synchronized so that any changes you make are updated automatically.

Product Description

With SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D, you’ll be able to:

  • Synchronize your electromechanical designs
  • Determine optimal lengths for wires, cables and harnesses
  • Ensure consistent manufacturing
  • Reduce scrap and costs
  • Maintain design integrity and bill of materials

Software Features

Electrical Schematic Creation

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic provides a standalone, easy-to-use, electrical design system to efficiently define electrical interconnections for complex electrical systems

Electrical Design in 3D CAD

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D™ provides easy-to-use CAD-embedded, electrical system design to integrate electrical schematic design data from SSOLIDWORKS Electrical into a SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD model.

Embedded Electrical System Design Planning 

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D provides a powerful, easy-to-use planning tool for rapid design of schematically defined embedded electrical systems in the SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD model.

Collaborative Electrical-Mechanical Development

Multiple electrical and mechanical engineers can work on the same project simultaneously using SOLIDWORKS Electrical.

Electrical Harness Design Planning

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D™ creates a virtual “design in-place” electrical harness development environment.

3D Electrical Cabinet Design

Combining SOLIDWORKS CAD and Electrical technologies, SOLIDWORKS Electrical provides a design environment enhanced for electrical 3D cabinet design. Through the use of easy-to-use, industry-proven SOLIDWORKS automation tools, SOLIDWORKS Electrical provides superior capability and usability for all aspects of electrical 3D cabinet design and documentation.

Mechatronic Design

SOLIDWORKS Electrical provides a powerful, easy-to-use solution to integrate electronics into electro-mechanical designs. Through seamless integration of CircuitWorks™, SOLIDWORKS Electrical provides a comprehensive solution for schematically driven embedded electronics, and detailed electrical interconnect seamlessly into mechanical design, within a the perfect environment for complex mechatronic design.

Schematic Annotation & Documentation

SOLIDWORKS Electrical provides a powerful, easy-to-use annotation, documentation, and reporting solution that incorporates the power and ease of DraftSight®, seamlessly integrated into the SOLIDWORKS Electrical collaborative design environment, to provide real-time annotation, documentation, and reporting for SOLIDWORKS Electrical projects.