3D Software


The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is a cloud-based environment that enables active collaboration throughout your organization, from the front office to the shipping dock. The platform removes the typical roadblocks found in today’s businesses. It directly connects your entire team throughout the product development process and beyond using apps and services to enable communication anywhere, on any device, at any time, securely and with built-in version control. All of your content is stored, shared and managed in a single cloud location allowing you to easily seek out relevant information, maneuver through product data sets as well as simply compare 3D content and leverage SOLIDWORKS programs and file formats.

Product Description

The 3DEXPERIENCE Base Package from TriMech provides a solid foundation of apps and services to connect all users in the value stream to one another. Connecting employees, suppliers, customers, consumers and regulators to help sustain innovation, open the lines of communication for feedback, improve productivity by sharing documents and prevent costly revisions.

This package combines two 3DEXPERIENCE products needed to jump-start your collaboration: Business Innovation and Industry Innovation, setting you up with what you need to boost team productivity and provide you with an easy way to manage product design, multi-physics simulation and manufacturing process planning. It includes the following apps for the platform:

  • 3DPassport – Authentication and authorization series for the platform
  • 3DCompass – Provides access to roles, apps and services including the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace, Notifications, PartSupply and more
  • 3DDashboard – Easy access to monitor everything that matters to your business
  • 3DSwym – Innovative, social collaboration for everyone on the platform
  • 3DDrive – Secured cloud-based document sharing
  • 3DSearch – Find what you are looking for quickly and when you need it
  • 6WTags – Add tags to all of your content so it can easily be indexed and searched for
  • 3DPlay – Immersive 3D visualization of parts and assemblies on all devices
  • 3DMessaging (cloud only) – Instant messaging to share and collaborate ideas in 3D
  • 3DNotification – Real-time notifications of any activity on the platform
  • 3DComment – Share feedback and thoughts on content in the 3DDrive and 3DSwym Users Group (cloud only) – Collaborate and share ideas with groups of users on the platform
  • Collaborative Tasks - Create to-do lists for your entire team and even include the files correlated with them
  • Product  Explorer - Dynamically view assembly hierarchy
  • Bookmark Editor - Create a logical structure and relate online data
  • Collaborative Lifecycle - Send and control your data through each stage of the design process

Software Features

  • Ability to engage consumers and customers early
  • Make decisions based on data across the enterprise, not just data on hand
  • Efficient team collaboration
  • Secure data and communication
  • Easy sharing across the value stream
  • Mobility and security via the Cloud
  • Compliance to standard enterprise business processes
  • Enable hybrid data and model-based driven engineering
  • Organize, optimize, access and execute collaborative tasks
  • Design even when network is unavailable
  • Manage and share content for effective collaboration
  • Multi-CAD data management
  • Collaboratively manage IP
  • Promote IP reuse
  • Enjoy immersive business intelligence