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SOLIDWORKS CAM is a knowledge-based technology that allows you to effortlessly integrate design and manufacturing with top-notch CAM technology. It uses rules-based machining to improve the overall programming process allowing you to focus on critical areas of designing.

Product Description

With SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard, you will be able to quickly program individual parts and configurations without leaving the SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD environment. With full access customizing rules you will be able to set company standards as well as Tolerance Based Machining. Among the many features available in this software, you have the capability to interpret the design of parts, Automate essential knowledge, automatically adjust machining and perform and manage in one environment.

Software Features

Automatic Feature Recognition: Holes, Pockets and Boss

Interpret the design of parts eliminating hours of complex programming. 

Knowledge-Based Machining

Automate essential knowledge, such as assignment strategies and machine setup. 

Tolerance-Based Machining 

Adjust machining based on tolerance specifications automatically.

Rules-Based Machining 

Automate repetitive tasks associated with the most mainstream CAM software. 

Data Management 

Perform all CAM functions and manage the data in one environment.