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Looking for the perfect tool for machining workflow? SOLIDWORKS® Machinist is the ideal milling and turning solution powered by CAMWorks®, the first SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold product for CAM software. SOLIDWORKS Machinist will allow you to capture company standards, speed up quoting and test manufacturability early in your design process.

Product Description

SOLIDWORKS Machinist enhances the programming process by using rules-based machining. Having a single environment for designing and programming allows a smoother transition to CAM. SOLIDWORKS Machinist provides the ability to complete tasks in parallel with the design, and not have to wait for the engineering to be complete. Users have the freedom to create several part operations between different machines. 

SOLIDWORKS Machinist Standard -
Provides a Part-only modeling environment which allows designers to work smoothly with SOLIDWORKS Part files. It includes features such as high-speed machining that lead to shorter cycle times, extending tool life and lowering machine wear.  

SOLIDWORKS Machinist Professional -
Builds on Machinist Standard capabilities by providing SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional and Assembly functionality in the CAD environment. Machinist Professional can automatically adjust toolpaths to avoid collisions with the designed components.

Software Features

Machinist Standard :
• Rules-Based Machining
• Tolerance-based Machining (TBM)
• Knowledge-Based Machining (KBM)
• Associativity with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD
• Automatic Feature Recognition (SFR)
• Automate Machine Times
• Part Modeling/Import

Machinist Professional:
• All features of SOLIDWORKS CAM Machinist Standard
• 3+2 Programming
• High-Speed machining (HSM)
• Turning Capabilities
• Assembly Modeling/Import