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CAMWorks Milling Professional

CAMWorks Milling Professional provides cutting-edge 3 axis CNC programming solutions and fully integrates with SOLIDWORKS. Some of the advanced features include combined feature & knowledge-based machining, the ability to read MBD and PMI data, including surface finish symbols, and a complete set of advanced 3 axis roughing finishing routines.

Product Description

CAMWorks Milling Professional is the ideal solution for 3 axis milling and mill-turn CNC programming professionals. The capabilities are endless with this SOLIDWORKS and CAMWorks collaboration, including rest machining, 2.5 axis VoluMill and 3 axis adaptive milling for high speed machining. Also included in CAMWorks Milling is advanced 3 axis finish milling cycles including Z-level (waterline) machining, Flat Area, Pattern Project, Constant Step-over, Pencil Milling and Curve Project for engraving on 3D surfaces. 

Designs can be finished faster and more efficiently with additional milling capabilities including scallop machining, rotary and undercut, and Tolerance Based Machining (reads MBD/PMI data). Turning and Mill-Turn features are also included. Designs will now be a breeze with CAMWorks Milling Professional. 

Click on the links below to learn more about the individual features included in this package:

Software Features

2.5 Axis and Limited 3 Axis Milling:

  • Feature-Based Machining with Feature Recognition
  • Area Clear Roughing, Flat Area and Z Level Finishing 

Standard Features:

  • NC Editor with Backplotting – Powered by CIMCO
  • Integrated Tolerance Based Machining (iTBM)
  • Part Document Machining
  • Assembly Document Machining
  • Multiple CAM Configurations

4 & 5 Axis Positioning

VoluMill 2.5 Axis Roughing

Turning for CNC Lathes:

  • Sub Spindle Programming
  • Two Turret Support

Rotary Milling

3 Axis Milling-Advanced:

  • Advanced 3 Axis Roughing and Finishing Capabilities
  • 3 Axis Undercutting with Standard and Custom Tools