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Sw Software Image Camworks Standard
Cw Turning In Standard
Cw Standard
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CAMWorks Standard

CAMWorks Standard is a user-friendly integrated system that combines feature and knowledge-based machining, with assembly machining, 4 & 5 axis indexing, advanced rotary milling, and full sub-spindle support for turning.

Product Description

CAMWorks Standard allows for the design and manufacturing model to become one. With the collaboration between SOLIDWORKS and CAMWorks, you will now be able to program parts in just minutes instead of hours with new innovative technology. Features include 2.5 axis and limited 3 axis milling with rotary milling capabilities for machining wrapped features, SOLIDWORKS part & assembly, 2 axis turning with canned cycle and full sub-spindle support for loathes with sub-spindles and many more. 

With CAMWorks, programming time will be reduced by 90% and cycle time by 80%, plus, you will be able to capture your best practices to replicate in the future. CAMWorks Standard is easy to learn and use, and will leave you with the ability to save time and ultimately increase your profit.

Click on the links below to learn more about the individual features included in this package:

Software Features

2.5 Axis and Limited 3 Axis Milling:

  • Feature-Based Machining with Feature Recognition
  • Area Clear Roughing, Flat Area, and Z Level Finishing

Standard Features:

  • NC Editor with Backplotting – Powered by CIMCO
  • Integrated Tolerance Based Machining (iTBM)
  • Part Document Machining